Blackboard SP8 part 2

Blackboard 9.1.8 Part II

Blackboard Learn 9.1.8 has some neat features that faculty will really find useful.  First is the course to course navigation.  By clicking on this action button near the home page icon in the upper left of the classroom the instructor can change to another of their courses with one click.  Blackboard will move you to the same location in the next course when selected:  announcement to announcement, or grade center to grade center.

 Enhanced Grading

Grading options are enhanced in Blackboard in regards to tests and quizzes.

  • Automated regrading:  Ambiguous or problematic questions in a Blackboard quiz or test will be much easier to correct by simply editing the question directly and having all necessary updates flow automatically to the Grade Center.  For any given question, an instructor is able to drop, give full credit, change point value, or change the correct answer.  After the question has been updated, Blackboard will recalculate the score of all submitted assessments that included the updated question, reflect the update in the Grade Center, and provide notification to both the faculty and optionally to the student for all impacted submissions.
  • Negative marking:  Negative marking will allow for the application of negative point values for wrong answers on test questions. This allows faculty to prevent (by penalty) guessing on a multiple-choice quiz.

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