New VC Policy: Unavailability of Courses

(originally mailed to faculty on Monday, October 22, 2012)

A new policy has taken effect in the Virtual Campus with regard to online course availability. Effective immediately, online courses (i.e., VC sections ONLY) will be set as unavailable to students until either the first day of the term or when an instructor elects to make their courses available, whichever comes first. All courses for the Winter 2012 VC term are currently unavailable to students. This will allow instructors to develop their courses in advance and only release material to students when the course is ready.

All courses will become available at 12:01 am (CST) on the first day of the term. For Winter VC 2012, this will be Monday, November 12.

If you are an instructor in an online course, you may elect to make your course available prior to the first day of the term. In order to do this, you can click on “Customization” in your Control Panel and then select “Properties”. On Number 3, choose “Yes” to make your course available. Then click “Submit” at the top or bottom of the page (see below). If you need any assistance with this feel free to email me or Dr. Trifilo (


An announcement has been posted in Blackboard to notify the students of course unavailability, as well.



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