Are these tools you can use?

If you follow our blog… (hello, anyone out there?)… you’ll notice we haven’t been terribly active lately.  Scott and Trish have been doing quite a bit of traveling, and when home seemed to be involved in a lot of meetings here and there.  I was caught up in Effective Design Initiative reviews for about a month and then did a little some traveling myself to the Texas Blackboard User’s Group conference in Killeen, TX.

Between traveling, conferences, and meetings, our newly formed VC council has met and discussed acquiring some new software to help enhance online teaching and learning.  The first was Kaltura, an open source video platform to make video sharing on Blackboard easier.  (We’re also exploring a similar option called ShareStream)

Then we had an opportunity to view a e-learning authoring tool called SoftChalk.  SoftChalk  allow educators to “create, manage and share rich online learning content.”

We encourage you to check out these tools and let us know you think they would be beneficial in enriching your online courses.


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