How to Embed a YouTube Video in Blackboard 9.1 SP9

The easiest way to embed a YouTube video into your Blackboard courses is to use the YouTube Mashup tool.  Unfortunately, there is a known issue with this tool that causes the videos to not be viewable within the Chrome Browser.  This issue will be fixed when we upgrade to Service Pack 11.  The tentative target date for this upgrade will be during the week between the Spring and Summer Terms (May 19 – 26, 2013)

In the meantime the following procedure is recommended for embedding YouTube videos into your course.  There is a short demonstration video at the end of this post.

1. Locate the video on YouTube that you would like to embed.  Below the video click on the share link, and then click on “Embed”.  You may want to modify the selections below the embed code.  We recommend checking Use HTTPS and Enable privacy-enhanced Mode, leaving the others unchecked.  The, highlight and copy the text of the embed code (e.g., right click on the highlighted code and select Copy)


2. Go to the content area in your course in Blackboard where you would like the video to be viewed.  Click on Build Content and select Item.


3.  In the Create Item area, give the item a name.  Then in the textbox select to toggle to HTML mode by click the “<>” on the toolbar.


4. Now, paste the embed code that you copied from the YouTube page into the textbox. Then toggle the HTML mode off by clicking the “<>”.  You will now see the video in the text box.

5.  We also recommend that you include a link in your item directly to the YouTube video just in case they have browser settings that may prevent them from viewing it while embedded in Blackboard.  Click the internet link icon in your toolbox (see below) and then paste the URL of the YouTube video.  Make sure it is checked to open in a new window.  Then click submit


6. You may set other options on the item and when you are done, click Submit.  You may need to revisit the page or refresh it to view the video, initially.

This process should make your video accessible to all students.  Thank you.

Here’s a video if you need to see it in action:

How to Embed YouTube in Blackboard 9.1 SP9

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