Upcoming Changes to the EDI

The Effective Design Initiative is getting an update!  In our efforts to continue to improve the quality of our online courses, provide specific guidelines to our online faculty, and meet the changing standards of accreditation, the Virtual Campus is proposing changes to the EDI Rubric for the 2013-14 Academic Year.

We’ve heard from the faculty, deans, and executive directors and would like to thank everyone for their valuable feedback.  Our staff has worked very hard to address your concerns and provide a tool that helps to improve the quality of our online education at Wayland, as well as identify our exemplary courses.

The new EDI rubric will feature expanded categories:

Community and Online Presence

  • Introduction
  • Course Information
  • Instructor and Student Interaction

Instructional Design and Delivery

  • Course Navigation
  • Learning Objectives and Outcomes
  • Course Materials
  • Course Design
  • Communication
  • Assessment and Evaluation of Student Learning

Learner Support and Resources

  • Available Resources
  • Accessibility

We’re also revising our scoring levels, which will now include

  • below standards,
  • meets standards,
  • above standards,
  • and exemplary.

This will not only allow courses to be recognized for meeting standards, but will allow us the opportunity to identify courses that are above standards or exemplary.

Additionally, the new rubric will specifically detail the criteria being measured and what is meant by each scoring level.   We have broadened many of the criteria in response to feedback from our faculty.

It’s not too late to provide your input.  We anticipate the introduction of the new rubric in the Fall 2013 term, so if you have additional feedback, we would love to hear from you.

Is the Effective Design Initiative truly effective?

We are happy to report that since under our current EDI rubric established in 2010, we improved from 29% of courses meeting the Effective Design Initiative standards to 89% in our most recent term.  Thank you for your efforts in greatly improving the quality of our online courses.  We look forward to the opportunity to recognize and award your outstanding work.


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