Two Blackboard Issues Resolved

Since our upgrade to Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 11 in May, we have had a couple of issues giving faculty and students problems.  I’m proud to announce that the two issues discussed below are now resolved.

Obscure “Take the Test Again” Link

When a test is configured so that multiple attempts are allowed, students often had trouble locating the link to take the test again.  We have made a small tweak to the system that now places a very clear button on the page when the student accesses the test after having taking it at least once:


Blank Discussion Board Replies

In Service Pack 11, there is a known issue that causes certain Discussion Board posts to not be visible.  If a post by a student has hidden HTML coding that can be included through copying and pasting from outside sources, it is possible that replies to that post will be INVISIBLE.  The student’s name appears on the reply, the title appears, but any content does not appear.

We have implemented a fix so that any new posts made to Blackboard in the Discussion Board will be “stripped” of the hidden HTML code that causes this problem.  Faculty and students don’t have to change anything about how they post, but this problem should not recur with any new posts.

If you have any INVISIBLE posts in the Discussion Board, please contact the Virtual Campus at We can easily repair those discussion boards for you.

As always, thank you for your service to the University and let us know if you we can assist you in any way!



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