From the Director’s Desk – Fall 2013

Profile Picture for Dr. Scott R. FranklinSummer is winding down just as our Fall terms are quickly approaching.  The Plainview campus is slowly buzzing to life all around the Virtual Campus offices, but of course, we’ve been buzzing all summer long!  This summer we saw over 2,700 students enrolled in well over 300 different online courses.  As both our students and faculty kept busy this summer, we made some improvements to tools within Blackboard and have introduced a new online program in the School of Religion. I’m thrilled to get to share with you some of these exciting developments in our online programs.

Beginning this Fall, students will be able enroll in our new Master of Divinity Program, making Wayland one of the few schools offering a distinctively Baptist M.Div. program  available completely online.  Students enrolled in this program will also be able to complete some of their courses face-to-face at any of the Wayland campuses where  masters-level religion courses are offered.  The full program is 86 hours and features a large spiritual formation component.  You’ll find more details about this program in this newsletter and you can look at the specific requirements online:

Beginning in May with our update to Service Pack 11, we began experiencing a couple of minor issues in Blackboard: the invisible discussion board reply and the nearly-impossible-to-find link to re-take a test.  Thankfully, both of these issues have been fully repaired!  You can find more details in this newsletter.  Plus, with the update to Service Pack 13 coming in August, 2013, we’ll see even more bug fixes.  Woohoo!

As always, whenever you run into problems or need assistance with Blackboard, keep in mind that our staff is standing by to help.  Contact us at

God bless!

Dr. Scott R. Franklin
Director of the Virtual Campus


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