Readspeaker Added to Blackboard

download (1)We have just finished our testing of a new feature within Blackboard which will allow all users to highlight sections of text on their screen and then click a “Listen” or “Play” button to have their computer read the text aloud.  This feature is called ReadSpeaker and you will now see a couple of new options appear on your screen while logged into Blackboard at Wayland.

You will find the ReadSpeaker Icon and control panel in the upper right area of the classroom near the edit button (as an instructor) when you first open your classroom. There is also a small activate/deactivate button in the top center of the page (it is an on or off button).

Activate/deactivate button:
12-16-2013 3-14-10 PM

ReadSpeaker Control Panel:
12-16-2013 3-14-32 PM 

The Listen Icon/button is on the small control panel that can be customized by the learner using it. It can also be moved to a different location on the page.

Students wanting text read should highlight the text and click “Listen.”  That’s it. That’s all it takes to use the features.  Students not wanting ReadSpeaker can choose to deactivate it using the toggle switch at the top of the screen.  Turning it off will cause the ReadSpeaker control panel to disappear.

For more details read our ReadSpeaker Faculty Support article.


2 thoughts on “Readspeaker Added to Blackboard

  1. This function is not working, or I could be using it incorrectly. I highlight text, then click on “Listen” or “Play”. I receive a response stating “Please Select Text” although I have already highlighted the text I want to read. Please look into this. I would like to use this feature if it works properly / as intended.

  2. I’m sorry to hear you are having difficulty. I have checked on my local system and it appears to be functioning correctly for me. Try walking through these steps to make sure:
    1. Go to any page in your course in Blackboard.
    2. Before clicking on Listen or Play on the Readspeaker bar, highlight a section of text
    3. With the text highlighted, click the play button.
    Note that if you click play or listen any time before you highlight the text you may here that message, “Please Select Text.” It also may take a few seconds after you click play for it to begin reading aloud.

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