Qwickly – Communicate with all your classes at once

Have you ever needed to make a quick announcement or send an email to all of your classes? While not difficult, it can be tedious to go through the process of navigating to each class, copying and pasting the announcement, configuring the settings, and sending it out.

Now, Qwickly allows you to easily and quickly post announcements or send out emails to multiple classes all at once.  The tool is already installed and available in Blackboard.  To find it, look in the Tools module when you first log in to Blackboard.  At the bottom of the list, you’ll find “Qwickly.”  

3-6-2014 8-59-50 AM

From there it’s pretty easy to see what you can do.  Click to open Qwickly.  Select an option from Course Availability, Post Announcement, Send Email, Email Instructors, or Needs Grading.

3-6-2014 9-03-23 AM

For example, if you select Post Announcement, you can select the courses where the announcement will be posted, enter the announcement, and even select to  have an email with the announcement sent to all users in the class.

3-6-2014 9-04-34 AM

Here’s a quick video demonstration of the Qwickly tool:


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