Readspeaker Added to Blackboard

download (1)We have just finished our testing of a new feature within Blackboard which will allow all users to highlight sections of text on their screen and then click a “Listen” or “Play” button to have their computer read the text aloud.  This feature is called ReadSpeaker and you will now see a couple of new options appear on your screen while logged into Blackboard at Wayland.

You will find the ReadSpeaker Icon and control panel in the upper right area of the classroom near the edit button (as an instructor) when you first open your classroom. There is also a small activate/deactivate button in the top center of the page (it is an on or off button).

Activate/deactivate button:
12-16-2013 3-14-10 PM

ReadSpeaker Control Panel:
12-16-2013 3-14-32 PM 

The Listen Icon/button is on the small control panel that can be customized by the learner using it. It can also be moved to a different location on the page.

Students wanting text read should highlight the text and click “Listen.”  That’s it. That’s all it takes to use the features.  Students not wanting ReadSpeaker can choose to deactivate it using the toggle switch at the top of the screen.  Turning it off will cause the ReadSpeaker control panel to disappear.

For more details read our ReadSpeaker Faculty Support article.


Virtual Campus Welcomes New Director

by Dr. Scott R. Franklin, Director of the Virtual Campus

It is incredible how fast things can change. One week, I was sitting in my office in the Moody Science Building on the Plainview campus pondering how I was going to cover the
rest of the material in each of my classes while balancing my workload as the Associate Dean for the School of Mathematics and Sciences.

The very next week, I was sitting in a brand new office, still pondering how to finish up the term but with a whole new world of opportunities opening up before me! As of November 16, 2011, I have been granted the wonderfully exciting privilege of serving as Wayland’s new Director of the Virtual Campus.

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Integrating Faith in the Virtual Classroom

by Jennifer Brown, Instructional Assessment Coordinator

As a Christian institution, we have the privilege of being able to freely share our faith with our students. Because of our unique affiliation with many military students, we have the opportunity to interact with students from many different faith backgrounds, and some who do not adhere to any particular faith.

After publishing the September/October edition of our newsletter, I received an email that read “I’d LOVE to see an article on integrating our Christian faith with our academic subject across the Blackboard platform. I think this is a critical part of the Wayland mission, and I’ve not seen anything on this topic from any source, much less WBU.”

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